Irydeo Observatory

Summary of observations for June 2022

A total of 12 observations have been made in 6 days.

10 new potential NEOCP (Near-Earth Asteroids)

  • 9 of them have been verified as such and subsequently classified by the MPC:

    • 2022 MJ3: this object was very difficult for me to detect; because of its small size of just 4 metres, high apparent velocity of more than 80"/min and low height above the horizon (less than 30º) . It is a NEO following an Apollo orbit and it was relatively close to us, at about 450000km, moving in its orbit at more than 35km per second.

      2022 MJ3

    • 2022 MR3: this is a NEO with an estimated size of 50m, following an Amor-type orbit. At the time of its capture it was more than 7 million kms from Earth.

    • 2022 MU1: NEO with an Atem orbit, size of 40m, at a distance of 7 million km and moving at more than 26km/s.

    • 2022 MR1: more than 18 million kilometres away, we captured this asteriode, estimated to be about 70 metres in size and following an Apollo orbit. Very faint, above magnitude 21.

    • 2022 MA1: asteroid with an estimated size of more than 120 metres; with an Apollo orbit. Closest approach on 8 July 2022, at 8 million km.

    • 2022 MS: about 30 metres in diameter and orbiting Amor; on approach on 1 July, at 3 million km.

    • 2022 MR: 40m in size, following an Apollo orbit, captured at about 5 million km.

    • 2022 LH2: this is a NEO with a size of 40m, following an Amor orbit.

    • 2022 LZ1: this new NEO has a size of 80m and follows an Apollo orbit.

  • One of them could not be detected (C34RQZ1), as it did not exist (false positive).

2 new novae in M31

This month, two possible novae have been detected in M31, both with magnitude slightly above 18. They are AT2022npa and AT2022nci, discovered on 25 and 20 June respectively:

AT2022npa AT2022nci

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